LG the official partner of PAINTON
Our facility will have 3 cooking studios and 1 conference room. LG by being partners of PANITON, will be able to fully sponsor the entrance hall and the conference room where most of the PAINTON parties take place.

As PAINTON is all about art and images we believe that LG with it's screens and innovative imaging technology can be the ideal partners
LG branded Area will be conference room and entrance hall and corridor. There will be also the opportunity to install LG displays at the bar areas in each studio (optional)
LG Ultra Stretch Navigation
Navigation in our facility is very important has having 4 rooms we will be running multiple events simultaneously.

Horizonatal / ve
We can make a glamorous entrance with ONDA displays on the ceiling of the entrance corridor
Corridor with welcome panels or display Wall
LG branded screens will display the logo name of the event and company organizers. Total rooms 4 = 1 conference (Painton) + 3 culinary studios
Room entrance
an iconic installation perfect for PAINTON and our art classes, this installation can be both at the entrance or inside the conference room
LG Art Wall
In our facility we will host conference and meetings from top companies in a spacious and bright environment. LG multi-touch displays can amaze our guest enabling to have an hand-on trial of the latest LG multi-touch screens
Meeting room with multi-touch display
Our guests will need to register before each event on LG Pads. Moreover they will have the opportunity to scroll through interactive, step by step culinary recipes and painting instructions.

Note: LG pads will be used both for registration of PAINTON, CULINARYON Events and conference.
PADs for registration and interactive step-by steps recipes
The bar area is always an amazing place to hang out and to be exposed to the latest technologies.
The bar can be made exceptional with some display wall installations.

Displays at Bar
The Conference room plus each studio will be equipped by projectors to allow our guest to show presentation and videos during their events.